Mini chocolate and caramel apples – recipe

mini caramel apples

I hate recipes where the writer tells their life story before they even get to the ingredients. I would never do that to you. So here you go – my chocolate dipped mini caramel apples!


You’re gonna need:

  • Five granny smith apples (Or whatever your favorite apple is. I’m not gonna tell you how to live your life.)
  • 16 oz. tub Marzetti old fashioned caramel dip (Super easy to dip into, and no melting required)
  • 7 oz. Baker’s Dipping Chocolate – real milk chocolate
  • Five 2.25 oz. chopped nuts of your choice. (You’ll need one bag of this size per apple. I prefer the “Nut Topping” from Kroger, which is chopped peanuts and pecans.)
  • 20 4″ lollipop sticks, cut in half at an angle
  • a melon baller
  • a large cookie sheet/tray that will fit in your fridge
  • wax paper

This recipe makes approximately 40 mini caramel apples. You might think that’s a lot, but remember you get about eight out of each apple, so technically each person can eat eight without feeling guilty. I never have any left over.



Did you get it all? Are you sure? Did you double check?

OK, let’s do it!

1 – Wash your apples. Duh.

2 – Use the larger end of your melon baller to cut balls out of your apples.

3 – If you haven’t already, cut your lollipop sticks in half. Cut at an angle so they’re easier to stick into your apple. Make sure to stick them into the green side. People will ask you where you found apples that small. Seriously. People ask me this every single time I make them.

Apple balls


4 – Cover your cookie sheet with wax paper. This will make the apples easier to remove once the chocolate has set.

5 – Now you’re ready for your chocolate. I’ve found the Baker’s Dipping Chocolate cups work best. Follow the instructions on the package for microwaving. After the chocolate is melted, dip your apples in and leave some green visible on the top.

chocolate covered apples

6 – Once you’ve dipped all of your apple balls into the chocolate, stick your cookie sheet into the refridgerator to allow chocolate to set. I usually give them at least 3o minutes.

7 – Set up your assembly line – put your nuts on a plate that will allow you to easily roll the apples in, and open your caramel tub.

8 – After the chocolate has hardened, dip each apple ball into caramel and then immediately roll in the nuts.

dip apples

9 – Once you’ve dipped all of your apple balls, admire your work. Take some shots for Instagram.

Finished apples


mini caramel apple bites

You did it!

I keep the mini caramel apples in the fridge until I’m going to serve them. The longer they sit out, the more likely the chocolate and caramel might fall off. They’re less messy if you eat them in one bite, but you’re totally allowed to bite into them. I’ve found that the chocolate helps make the caramel stick more than if I just put caramel on the apples.

These are my go-to dessert when I go somewhere that requires I bring food. I don’t ever have to worry about someone else bringing the same thing as me. Wanna win best friend/dessert maker? Make these guys.


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